Working with Saced Fire with Joe Molloy
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Welcome, you've arrived at the booking page for Working with Sacred Fire and Evening Fire Ceremony with Joe Molloy ~ Saturday 31st March 2018

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Come and join me on Saturday 31st March for an afternoon workshop, "Working with Sacred Fire" followed by fire ceremony together as a group.

If you wish to come only for the evening fire ceremony please let me know and I will share the arrangements with you.

There will be hot soup and rolls for all following our group fire.

During the afternoon we will share and explore the many ways that fire shows up in our lives. Our relationship with outer fire that we build create and set light to on the ground, and our inner fire too!

Sacred fire is an integral part of all shamanic traditions. It has a life and a spirit, we can nourish ourselves and step between the worlds to answer our many questions by entering into a relationship with fire.

Fire also has essential physical needs in order for it to light and part of the afternoon will be spent making your own fire on the ground. Learning how to tend it, learning how to respond to what it needs and how it speaks to you. Many people have never lit a fire, today you will learn how, and how to connect to the fire that you help to give life to.

Together we will explore the messages in many of the mythic stories that we have inherited from our own cultures and those of our ancestors too. So that we can step into the role of fire keepers, apprenticing ourselves to learn from working with sacred fire in ceremony. And you will learn and practice all you need to know to begin this when we work together.

If you just want to learn how to light a fire that doesn't smoulder and smoke and go straight out each time so you can cook your beans while camping we can do that together too.

The cost for the whole workshop and the evening fire per person is £45. If you just want to come for the fire ceremony as part of the group and enjoy the soup and bread afterwards the exchange will be just £10. Children under 12 coming with an adult have no charge.

For more details please message me or give me a call. I look forward to standing around the fire with you at the full moon.

Please bring outdoor clothes and boots in case of damp or cold weather so you will be comfortable in all you do.

Much love, see you around the fire!



phone/whatsapp: +44 (0)7986 887224

Inside the house: We ask that you go barefoot as we do, or bring house shoes/slippers.

Most importantly bring yourself and an openness to learn, share and enjoy our day together.

How to get here?

We are 10 to 15 minutes from Junction 4 of the M5 motorway. If you would like to travel by train we are 10 minutes walk across our village train station. Just look for Blakedown train station (BKD). For any help with travel or anything else please give me a call or send me a message my email.

As payment is made through Paypal we have applied a £5 cancellation charge which covers the Paypal fees if you should need to cancel up to 48 hours prior to the workshop. Cancellations within 48 hours will not receive a refund as materials will be bought in advance for your use and as well as other preparations that are made. You may be able to transfer your place to a friend though, please get in touch so we can help with any arrangements and changes.

If you need overnight accommodation please let us know and we will help make enquiries for you. If it is nice you might like to camp in the garden.

Please use the link to the right to book your place and make your payment.

Best wishes and much love.

See you soon


Phone UK: 07986 887224
Non UK: +44 7986 887224

If you are just coming for the evening fire ceremony you can click and pay here:

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